Obtaining oversize permits for Ukraine, Europe and CIS, Escorts pilot, Escorts police

We are engaged in organizing the escort of oversized cargo by a covering car or police in Ukraine, Europe

Escort services

In some cases, when transporting oversized and heavy cargo, it is necessary to escort a car or police.

Escort by a specialized car of the National Police or a pilot is mandatory in cases stipulated by the Rules for the transport of large-sized and heavy vehicles on roads, streets and railway crossings, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of January 18, 2001 N 30.

Escort by a pilot: is necessary if the width of the vehicle with a load is more than 3.5 m, and its length is more than 24 m. With such dimensions, it is necessary to ensure traffic safety not only a tractor with a cargo, but also other road users. When driving over bridges, it is necessary to provide travel only in a single order. To ensure this, it is necessary to block traffic on the bridge so that cargo can pass through it, for which escort vehicles are needed.

Escort by a police: necessary if the width of the vehicle with a load is over 3.75 m and its length is over 30 m.

Escort, with a cargo height of over 4.5 m in some areas, it is necessary to be accompanied by specialists of Oblenergo and communications services, the Internet. These services are necessary to control the movement of oversized cargo near communication networks, power lines. When traveling through railroad crossings with a height of more than 4.5 m, the presence of railway workers is required, and in cities with electric transport (trams and trolley buses), TTU workers.

The process of ordering a police car escort
Obtaining permission

From the beginning it is necessary to obtain a special permit for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

Apply for escort

After obtaining permission, it is necessary to send an application to the management of the National Police for escort

Payment of escort services

Receiving an invoice for oversized cargo escort services