Obtaining oversize permits for Ukraine, Europe and CIS, Escorts pilot, Escorts police

Obtaining permits for the transportation of oversized cargo in Ukraine, Europe, CIS countries

permits for ukraine
service overview:

We provide services for foreign and Ukrainian carriers in obtaining permits for transportation on the territory of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, the Azerbaijan Republic, the Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and the countries of Europe for heavy, oversized trucks.

The list of services provided:

  • the choice of the optimal route;
  • development of an oversized vehicle traffic pattern;
  • registration permission to oversize;
  • obtaining the necessary approvals for travel (roads, cities, railroad crossings, etc.);
  • the organization of escorting towers TTU (trolleybus-tram management);
  • police escort oversized cargo;
  • pilot services;
  • dismantling / installation of road signs and other road infrastructure;
  • installation / dismantling of railway crossings, disconnection / lifting of electric lines at railway crossings;
  • mounting / dismounting / disconnection of communication lines, power supply network, Internet and other things;
  • strengthening bridges along the way;
  • development of the project of movement of oversized and heavy trucks, inspection of the route of transportation.

Yes, of course, we can arrange for you all the necessary permissions. In addition, as a separate service, we also propose to develop a transportation project with a search for a more efficient solution of the task. Further, having a project, you can choose the carrier that offers the best price for you.

The cost of permits is calculated individually, the calculation of the cost depends on the parameters of the vehicle and the route.

Depending on the distance of transportation and the actual excess of the allowable weight and (or) axial loads, compensation for damage on roads of Ukraine is charged. Basically, the excess size (height of the train) affects the cost of obtaining permits when traveling in cities and towns, which is associated with the need for special measures to pass a vehicle under power lines, Internet communications and other things.

Each permit is individual and can take from two days to two months, and in some cases even six months … It all depends on the size of the cargo and the route of its transportation.