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We provide transportation services for oversized and heavy cargo in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries

Our company provides services for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Depending on the needs of the client, we are ready to offer an effective solution that will combine the optimal mode of transport for transportation, the optimal route of transportation, and most importantly, minimize the client’s costs of transporting oversized and (or) heavy cargo.

Multimodal transportation of oversized cargo.

Multimodal or mixed cargo transportation – such transportation allows using several types of transport, such as: road, sea / river transport, air and railway transport.

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By organizing a transportation scheme using several types of transport, our specialists are working on all transportation options, and the client is offered the best option.

The main criteria for choosing the best option are:

  • to minimize the costs / cost of transportation;
  • determine the most efficient, shortest and safest option of transportation.

Each transportation of oversized and overweight cargo is individual.

Our company is ready to provide freight forwarding services of various goods:

  • agricultural machinery;
  • construction equipment;
  • oversized and heavy cargo;
  • lengthy loads;
  • transportation of containers;
  • transportation of transformers, reactors;
  • transportation of industrial goods.

When transporting oversized, regardless of the type of transport, it is necessary to determine the best route, because routes are “standard” and individual. “Standard” routes are “rolling” routes, time-tested, for the most part of such routes a vehicle with oversized cargo, the parameters of which: Total weight up to 60 tons, length up to 25 meters, width up to 4.5, height up to 4.5 meters can move without special conditions. And in those cases where the dimensions of the vehicle with oversized cargo more, then you need an individual approach to the choice of route and transportation in general.

The algorithm for processing the transportation of oversized and overweight cargo.

When a client has to transport oversized and / or overweight cargo, a lot of bureaucratic or other problems emerge. One of these problems is to issue a permit for the transportation of oversized cargo, but our specialists are ready to perform this task as soon as possible. The client is only required to provide the following information:

  • the place of loading;
  • unloading place;
  • the place of customs formalities (for international transport);
  • cargo dimensions;
  • date of commencement of carriage.

Further, our specialists work according to the following algorithm:

  • determine the optimal rolling stock;
  • the optimal route is determined;
  • experts go to the place of loading / unloading, to determine the possibility of departure / loading / unloading and provide recommendations to the client;
  • to calculate the cost of transportation;
  • calculation of the cost of issuing a special permit for oversize;
  • an agreement is drawn up for the provision of services for the transportation of oversized cargo;
  • cargo loading and unloading is controlled, and at the request of the customer, our company is ready to take on these obligations.
  • the oversized and heavy cargo is shipped to the customer.

Thanks to many years of experience in the shipping market and reliable partners, we guarantee the fulfillment of any complexity of the order.