Obtaining oversize permits for Ukraine, Europe and CIS, Escorts pilot, Escorts police

When carrying out transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, according to the legislation of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, it is necessary to obtain a special permit.

We received a non-standard order for processing permits in Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, for a truck with dimensions:

Length, m – 37.3 m.

Width, m – 5.37 m.

Height, m – 6.39 m.

Total weight – 137.22 tons

After coordination of the transport drawings, a survey was performed (survey) of the route. On the route of an oversized vehicle, there were certain major problem areas for an oversized vehicle to travel. Among the main problems, it can be noted that the first problem was to find a detour to the heating main, since its disassembly / assembly is the most expensive and time consuming. Our experts have found a bypass route of the heating main, but the route had to dismantle the gas pipe.

The second problem was the passage through the railway crossing, since the road passing through it was “winding”, which specifically reduced the turning radii. A parsing project was developed with the subsequent restoration of a railway crossing.

And the last problem that was on the route of transportation is the communication lines, power supply networks, and the Internet. In total, more than two thousand wires were lifted / dismantled.

Upon completion of the survey, the customer was provided with an estimate of the route report. After confirming the estimate, work began on the design, coordination and obtaining permission for the selected route.

The deadline for obtaining a permit is 20 working days

When processing and obtaining permission, it was necessary to coordinate ten regions of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus with all services including: road services, bridge, gas services, trolleybus and tram management, regional power, trunk networks, communications and the Internet, as well as the police.